Training Program

For the 2011 AFC Half Marathon in San Diego, CA

We have specific and focused Training Programs for for up to 5 Races covering 3 Seasons over the course of an 8 Month period. We also have two unique Extended programs that overlap a two seasons, including one Triple Crown that expands the entire 42 weeks of dedicated & focused training.  Our training programs are run under the VAVi Sport & Social Club name meaning you’ll get an incredible overall experience!

TVRC Marathon Group Photo

Since the Race Registration fees are NOT included with the training programs, you can choose whatever race you wish to train for – as long as it fits within the particular Season, plus or minus a week or two.

Race Dates:

  • Carlsbad Half Marathon (1/27/13)
  • SD Half Marathon (3/10/13)
  • La Jolla Half Marathon (4/28/13)
  • Rock n Roll Half or Full (6/2/13)
  • AFC Half Marathon (8/18/13)

Run San Diego is proud to present our popular 12 week training program designed to get you across that finish line, whether for the first time or for a personal record.

Half & Full Marathon Training Approach

We cater and welcome all levels of runners: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Everything is based on your existing base/fitness level. Speed has nothing to do with it.

  • Beginner Run/Walk Program is designed for runners who have little/no experience with long distance running or for runners who have taken a long break or coming off an injury.
  • Intermediate Program is designed for casual or existing runners who can, for the most part, maintain a continuous run for up to 4-6 miles.
  • Advanced Program is designed for runners with a base already set and ready to take their training to a higher level.

You can learn more about our Training Programs on our VAVi Running Club site.