La Jolla Half Marathon

Running Races in San Diego

With the beautiful weather, active community and excellent terrain and structure for running, there are many great running races here in San Diego all year long.  One of the best resources would be online and there are two of them: RacePlace – Popular listing of races and running clubs, in both print and hard copy – Race Search – Running in general (Select...

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2011 Triple Crown Dates & Timeline

Congratulations on running the Trip Crown this year.  As we near the middle point by completing the La Jolla Half, we look forward to the RSD’s Summer AFC Half Marathon Training program.  The following key dates will help you plan the next few months. 4/17/11 – La Jolla Half Marathon 4/18/11 – Recovery Schedule (2wks) 5/2/11 – Prep Training Schedule (4wks) 5/30/11 –...

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Spectator Info for La Jolla Half Marathon

My running groups usually train for La Jolla Half Marathon in late April every year.  One question I always receive is “where do spectators go”.  Having been involved with this race for quite a long time, I’ve got my little routine that works every time. There is not a whole lot of information about spectators on the race website and what the best plan is, so I’ll give you my...

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