Meeting for SD Half Marathon

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The inaugural San Diego Half Marathon is this weekend, Sunday, March 11, 2012.  So far, everything is looking good for the race – lots of good communication from the race, nice website, lots of excitement in the air from the community.  Wifey and I stopped at the expo today and it was also nice!  Here are a few key links/pages to the race:


Plan to arrive into downtown area NLT 6:15am (1hr prior to race start). . . that is of course, you want to chill out a bit and not be running around with your head cut off.  I’ll be arriving into town by 6am as I personally like to avoid traffic and chill out.  Sometimes I would say up to 90-120 minutes, but the benefits of this race has:

  • Lots of entries into downtown (I5N & S, I-163 from the NE, I-94 from the East)
  • Lots of parking provided by race, and much of it very close!!  (Very Good!)


There is a ton of parking made available which is awesome!  Should be alot of free street stuff, but a ton of pay lots ($10 each) within 1 mile of the start.  Overall, looks like a great setup!

RSD & VAVi Meeting Spot

Every big race we plan a meeting spot for us to group up at.  Being the inaugural race, it’s hard w/o experience, but we do have alot of race experiences so after scoping out the start area vs parking, we’re going to shoot for the base of the Glass Elevator structure at the bottom of the new Harbor Drive Footbridge at the corner of Tony Gwynn Drive and Park Blvd – This will be between corrals 5 & 6 (and the start of corral 9 since they overlap)

  • 6:30am – Begin Meeting (or earlier)
  • 6:55am – Group Picture
  • 7:00am – Break apart – go pee, drop bag, get to your corral
  • 7:15am – Race Start

Meet near the glass elevator structure at the corner of Tony Gwynn & Park Blvd.

Have a Great Race!

Enjoy the race, and we’ll see ya out there!

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