La Jolla Half Marathon Recovery Training

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First off, Congratulations on finishing your the La Jolla Half Marathon!  You’ve come a long way in your training and meeting your goals and you should be proud of your accomplishments – especially if it was your first race.  Recovering after your race should be approached with a plan and the way you do it will affect your outcome!  There are many approaches to your recovery and your coach or training program should prescribe you with specifics.

Getting ready for AFC Half Marathon?

You’re here likely because you’re thinking about running the AFC Half Marathon as a continuation race, or you’re one of those Triple Crown types  . . . I am ;)  If so, then your recovery from the race and getting ready for the next round of training is crucial.  You certainly do not want to lay on the couch for the next few weeks eating twinkies.

Download your Recovery Schedule

If you just ran La Jolla and planning on joining us for the AFC training, please download the following training plan to assist.  It is designed to allow you to recover for a few weeks and maintain your fitness for a few weeks before starting full bore training again.

Half Marathon Recovery Schedule

I hope the above program allows you to recover properly getting you ready to start up your training again – good luck!

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